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Charleston Krewe is the sister brand and next phase of NOLA Couture, which was established in 2006 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  The ideal and actualization of the brand emerged from the need to lift peoples spirits, and rebuild New Orleans’ local economy. Born in New Orleans, the company celebrates the city’s individuality through custom designs featuring iconic Crescent City motifs.

During a trip to the Northeast in early 2006, NOLA Couture founder, Cecile Hardy, noticed a number of companies using New England-y motifs, like lighthouses and clams, in their designs. She thought, “Why don’t we have a clothing line like this in New Orleans? New Orleanians would love a unique way to show their hometown pride.” After receiving nothing but positive responses from friends and family (along with significant lists of design suggestions), she got to work creating a line that would highlight all the things both locals and visitors alike loved about this amazing city.

The idea of establishing local brands was one that came early, however, with the demand in New Orleans time prohibited expansion.  Eight years and two stores later, Cecile chose the location for her first regional location while returning to Charleston  for her brother's graduation.  She lived here one summer and frequently visited.  The similarities between the two cities, yet each with their own unique culture, made Charleston the obvious choice.


On March 14, 2015 the doors to Charleston Krewe, sister brand of NOLA Couture, opened on historic King Street.  

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